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Introduction This information was last updated on 2/04/2015.

Programming Knowledge I am an intermediate user of html and css. I am an amateur in C#, WPF, Java, and Python, and a recruit in C++ and Winforms for C#. I have former intermediate knowledge of XNA.

I know a small amount of ms DOS, compiler theory, assembly language, and computer architecture.

Programming Experience, Informal I made three XNA games (all 2-D). One was a snake game that allowed for multiple players and had xbox controller support, and another was a single-player spaceship game similar to Galaga, but much harder and faster-paced. The most recent was a maze game with a powerful level editor. All games were localized in English.

I made a professional particle engine in Game Maker which I plan on porting to a more useful platform. Additionally, I made a number of smaller games with Game Maker, giving me some game and ui design experience.

I made a sound synthesis toolkit in C# that reads and writes wav files, with the ability to create many types of tones, modifying them for panning, volume, etc. with different interpolation methods and many parameters. It supports a related tracker API that I wrote as well. While they are amateur-grade in terms of performance, they are functional and useful. No reliance on external libraries.

Programming Experience, Formal I took an introductory comp. programming class as a high school senior and taught the class and teacher many new things.

Applications Knowledge I know how to use many Windows tools and services. Of useful note is the Microsoft Office Suite and minor experience in Visual Studio. I know how to use Blender, Inkscape, Photoshop, Paint.Net, Audacity, and Google Drive, among others. I have general experience on forums and can navigate Windows products, Android, the internet, and a little bit of Linux.

Other Proficiencies Amateur mineralogy, spelling English, harmonica, some piano and guitar, graphic design, audio design, and some other things.

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