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Yves Mangelinckx

Physics, laws of physics, overall, details, functional relationships, distinct quantities, International System of Units, abbreviated SI, seven mutually independent basic units, naturally occurring quantities, derived from observed physical regularities, whole physical structure, since antiquity, from the earliest clay tablets, or writings that have left, all civilizations, contributions, many, many experiments, have been checked and confirmed, so reliable, that deviate with statements or hypotheses, that are inconsistent with that physics, simply are erroneous theories. The physics processes, describing unrelated to what we call 'life', and much further back in time beyond the origin of life, even go back in time to the known time limit of the universe of about 14 billion years, answering all biological structures in terms of function to those physical laws. A few examples: The eyes and senses follow all the necessary laws of optics. Analysis of the structure of the skeleton, using the laws of mechanics, shows that this skeleton in every detail can meet those laws. And there are plenty of such examples. James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879), discoverer coherence of electricity, magnetism and light, extraordinary and full fundamental mathematical description, of these physical phenomena, Maxwell, JC: A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, vol. I, Clarendon, Oxford (1873) theory of the electromagnetism, indeed extremely difficult and therefore seen inaccessible. Accessible: a small example: where everybody regarded light still propagated as a wave in the 'ether' [whatever that 'ether' was], the only conclusion from his theory: Light is nothing else than a transverse electromagnetic wave phenomenon, which propagates in vacuum with the in the nature maximum possible speed. Both the explanation of all phenomena in optics, the electrical theory as the basis for the special theory of relativity of Albert Einstein is based on it.

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