In light of What is “International Service of Weights and Measures”?, I did a bit of searching for our policy on questions about units and measurement (metrology)... but I don't think we really have one. So how should we handle these sorts of questions?

On one hand, units and measurement are topics of relevance to all sorts of science and engineering, not just physics. But on the other hand, they often seem to be associated with physics, as the "most basic" of the physical sciences. Do we allow them or not?

Other examples include:

Just to add a piece of context here: I asked because I am researching a bit on kilogram (history, future (re)definition, etc.), which is… well… obviously a “physical unit”. I cannot imagine a better match for the question (I’m not saying it is a good match) than Physics, not even hypothetically – would somebody want to create a specific Metrology SE site? I don’t think so. So, if this is off-topic here, there would be no place on SE to ask that at all, IMHO. (Nothing wrong with that, obviously, just saying.) – Mormegil Jun 14 '11 at 9:50

A few almost random thoughts:

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We're still getting one of these sorts of questions every once in a while and nobody seems to object to them too much, so it looks like we can say they're fine here.


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