Your reputation mark is not the criteria for defining who is better at physics and who is not..

Even people with less reputation than 20 can have much interest in Physics and may have questions that might interest you. So, kindly change the rules regarding who might or might not be able to post in the chat session.


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It's to prevent trolls. This is all posted on the site. –  jhobbie Jul 29 at 16:58
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about the Stack Exchange network's rules on using Chat and not about physics. –  Kyle Kanos Jul 29 at 16:59
Why don't you earn some reputation and go chat? 20 rep is like 1 decent answer. –  PhotonicBoom Jul 29 at 16:59
Note also that someone who is good at physics can get 20 rep really easily. –  Kyle Kanos Jul 29 at 16:59
oh.. You just think that it is not a question of physics? –  user56298 Jul 29 at 17:00
Being good at Physics and having a deep interest in Physics are two completely different things.I am a learner and so I want to participate in the chat sessions –  user56298 Jul 29 at 17:05
@user56298: We're a bit skeptical. How can we know that you've come here to learn, and not to troll (or spam) around? Dissolving into the system, getting some rep. score to unlock privileges, so & so are the stuff that determines whether you're good or not... As Kyle said, if you've a great deal of interest, (or if you're clever enough) you can easily get 200 overnight ;-) –  Waffle's Crazy Peanut Jul 29 at 17:18
I'd also like to point out for the record that showing up, announcing that the reason you think someone has for doing something is wrong, giving your reason for changing that something (which is irrelevant to why we do it in the first place), and then demanding that we politely change it is not the best way to accomplish a change in policy. Instead it comes across as something altogether not polite. I might even call it offensive –  Jim Jul 29 at 17:23
Let's be honest here - your post and your comments make a good case against changing the rules, on your behalf, for chat privileges. –  Alfred Centauri Jul 29 at 17:24
If you have a question then post it, there's no reason that you'd need to use the chat. –  Jordan Jul 29 at 20:54
Reputation on all the SE sites is a indicator of your value as a person, whether you torture small furry animals, and whether your parentage includes non-human species. We only want to chat with worthy people, although with such a low bar as 20 rep, we do get the occasional gorilla or even baboon. Seriously though, 20 rep is a very low limit. It's not unreasonable to require a certain familiarity with SE before allowing someone loose in chat. Two upvoted answers and you're there. If you're really as wonderful as you say you are, that should take no time at all. –  Olin Lathrop Jul 31 at 15:33
If right now you ask a decent question or give a correct answer to one of the fairly simple questions we get on a daily basis, you're going to feel very silly tomorrow when you have 20 rep. –  Wouter Aug 8 at 19:24

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If you're really interested in getting on chat for a specific event and you don't have 20 rep yet, there is a mechanism described here. Provided you can convince a moderator that you want to contribute meaningfully/politely/etc. so that it's worth their while to add you, at least there is one way. Otherwise... as the comments point out, 20 rep isn't all that much. It doesn't even require any skill at physics, just a willingness to try and learn, since you can get 20 rep from 4x question upvotes.

Or from 2x answer upvotes. Or 10 approved suggested edits. –  Kyle Kanos Jul 29 at 17:10
Yeah... Sometimes (almost all the time) clever "googling" can make you apparently smart in the SE networks! :P –  Waffle's Crazy Peanut Jul 29 at 17:20

Access to most privileges on the site is controlled by reputation which is treated as stand-in for contribution to the site and consequently for trustworthiness.

This is one of a battery of defenses intended to reduce the incidence of trolling and abuse on the network.

The only exceptions (that is things that a 1 rep user can do) are

  • Answer questions
  • Ask questions
  • Post comments on their own posts
  • Post comments on answers to their own questions
  • Accept an answer to their own question
The key point in this answer (just in case it wasn't clear) is it reduces trolling. –  Jim Jul 29 at 19:28

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